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Welcome to the world of Egg

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Building from the relative success of the original Eggmotor project. Sam and I are venturing into a bigger, more powerful paramotor.

The EggMonster!!!

Using a heavier but more potent power-plant we hope to achieve over 55kg (121lb) thrust.

LATEST NEWS: I have recently sold the GX420 engine and the project is currently on hold for the foreseeable future. Development still continues on the GX200 Eggmotor.

Please donate to the cause if you can, all funds will go towards the ongoing GX200 Eggmotor project. Thank you.

Latest Videos:

The narration in this video tells it’s story.

A rather disappointing test, only 30kg thrust. Strongly suspect that the negative pitch of the blades near the tips might be to blame.

Full power test of the fan blades while fitted to the quad unit for security, I was only expecting around 2200-2300rpm based on fan supplier’s calculations and so I was amazed (and a little concerned about calculation accuracy) when she peaked at 2550rpm. If the calculations are correct (which I seriously doubt at this stage) then the theoretical static thrust produced would be over 70kg (+150lb)??? This would equate to a +22hp requirement at those revs and I can’t imagine this engine could achieve such an output in it’s current state of tune.

Notice the fan noise, wasted power unfortunately due to the square tip of blades.

First ‘on-the-back’ power test, we achieved 47kg (103.5lb) thrust @ 3580rpm. I’ve now fitted a slightly smaller jet (I think she was running a bit rich) and a stronger exhaust bracket too. Hopefully we’ll squeeze a further 200rpm and 5kg thrust. Update: The new jet was tested (0.9mm) and we achieved 3660rpm peak (an extra 80rpm) which should roughly equate to 49kg (108lb) thrust.

You can now see the EggMonster and Quad attachment in all it’s glory. Mainly just a vibration issue to sort out.

At last, success with finally getting the rpm up.


Almost ready to fly paramotor now with a genuine Honda pulse pump (cheapo Chinese pump didn’t work). Mass/inertia of the hub and fan seem too much for the engine to overcome as the cam is in ‘easy start’ mode at low revs and so engine has no power. Also fan blade pitch is too much in video but this has since been adjusted.

The next video was taken when the engine modifications were completed. Fitted with the cheap pulse pump and gravity-resist fuel return system (not needed with Honda pump I believe).